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Tusk Aluminum Panniers / Pannier Racks Medium Silver KLR650 1987-2007

Tusk Aluminum Panniers / Pannier Racks Medium Silver KLR650 1987-2007

$ 368.99

  • Complete kit with a pair of Aluminum Panniers and Pannier Racks with all the hardware for mounting.
  • Durable aluminum panniers that offer an unbeatable value for adventure motorcycling.
  • Complete with 4 (2 on each box) matched locks and keys assembled on the latches.
  • Aluminum lid is completely waterproof and features 4 bolt-on footman loops to secure additional items.
  • Pannier racks feature cable operated Quick Release pins.

The Tusk Aluminum Pannier Boxes are designed and manufactured to handle the most extreme adventure motorcycling. These panniers are loaded with features to offer an unbeatable value! These panniers are made from durable yet lightweight aluminum with a tough silver or black powder-coated finish. Not only do they look great, but they prevent the items you store from getting the black residue produced when rubbed against unfinished aluminum. Unique design that eliminates seams on the back two verti
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$ 368.99


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One thought on “Tusk Aluminum Panniers / Pannier Racks Medium Silver KLR650 1987-2007

  1. I have these. I got ’em about three years ago when they first came out. Mine are black and are on Happy Trails racks on my DR650 and V-Strom 650.

    For the low price, they’re decent boxes. But please keep in mind they are inexpensive for a reason. They are not going to stay nice if you dump your bike from time to time. My DR fell over before ever leaving on a trip, and despite the boxes being full, the one that hit the ground collapsed like an aluminum can. CRUNCH. I was miffed but not surprised.

    I ended up using a floor jack and a piece of wood and was able to remove the dent and return it to a close approximation of its original shape. I also used black duct tape to cover up where the powdercoat had cracked and come off. I then covered it with stickers so now you really can’t tell if you look closely.

    Given how easily they dent, I now use them exclusively on my V-Strom, which I don’t take into places where it’s likely to fall over or get dumped. For my DR650, I continue to use the (much smaller) Givi E20’s that I’ve had for years. Those things are amazing at how durable they are. At least that way I don’t overload the bike. But on the V-Strom, these things work great. Definitely worth it if you just can’t stomach the cost of the fancy stuff from Touratech or other high-dollar manufacturers.

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