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Latest Adventure Motorcycle News

Yamaha WR250
Adventure Motorcycle
Image by ~FreeBirD®~
Right off the dirt tracks and straight in for a quick repairs. Fully snapped – created out of 36shots.

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2016 BMW S1000XR – FIRST RIDE Four-cylinder, upright, asphalt adventurer.
We had waited for months to ride this new adventure-tourer (what BMW calls “Adventure Sport”), whose engine engine has been plucked from one of the most significant sportbikes ever made, the BMW S1000RR. Unfortunately, the day's forecast had me …
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Top 15 New Motorcycles Ridden In 2015 | Editor's Choice
Do-it-all motorcycles are something special, and the BMW S 1000 XR truly has no boundaries. With the 160-horsepower S 1000 motor, it is undoubtedly a sport bike, and the seating position is perfect for extensive sport touring. Is it also an adventure bike?
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