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In the morning

Some cool yamaha WR250R images:

In the morning
yamaha WR250R
Image by owenstache
There were a couple other guys in the form with me. Both cyclists. One Korean and one Japanese. The Korean guy loved this place and looked to have settled in. He was riding Hokkaido for something like 4 months! Sadly, it didn’t even occur to me to take a snap of him.

There was another guy on a Yamaha WR250R. We tried to chat in what little of the other’s language we knew the other night. It occurred to me that he was the only chance of escaping sitting around all morning waiting for the owner to show up and free my helmet. After intial confusion (he thought I was asking if I needed to call be fore leaving), I showed him my helmet through the window ("Ah sososososo"). 30 seconds later he had explained it to the woman over the phone (I could hear her having a good natured laugh as she realized why some honky was harrassing her over the phone the night before). Many thanks Mr. WR250R!! He thought I was hungry too and gave me one of his "My Favorite" brand buns to eat on top freeing my helmet. Awesomness.

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